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Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Cemat Builders

CEMAT BUILDERS COMPANY LIMITED is a Civil Engineering and Construction Company capable of handling every design in Building, Civil Engineering and allied fields. We have cumulative cognate experience drawn from its Engineers and Technologist. These professionals have before joining the company been involved in the planning, design, supervision and construction of projects in the construction industry. We provided a wide range of services ranging from pre-construction to post-construction. We are a team that meet your budget, from start to completion. For each project we establish relationships with partners who we know will helps create added value for your project. We provide clients with all-round property development and facility management


Strategic alliances are probably the most overlooked form of large construction and, yet, they’re one of the most meaningful. Two heads are better than one and, in many cases, two companies are better than one–especially when they combine resources or share expertise in order to construct a special home.


Cemat Builders Nigeria Limited is a leading engineering construction company with over 7 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects. With projects executed successfully in over 4 states, and current presence in 6 states, Cemat has played a key role in developing Lekki's Lagos infrastructure.


Over the years the company has rapidly grown to become one of the largest construction companies in Nigeria specialized in residential and infrastructural construction. They are well known for their assurance that all projects are successfully completed to specification and in line with the company’s sense of responsibility towards its clients and host communities.


Accountability is a super important part of engineering and construction projects. When engineers, suppliers, managers and clients are late in procuring products use for construction, materials not standard for construction, delay in payment of construction materials, it creates a drag in the construction process.

Nobody wants to be in charge of chasing down team members during important process as this could lead to missing deadlines which can as well affect the cash flows and invite penalties and worst upset clients. This last one is a stinger. When clients becomes upset with a company. They tend to take thier business elsewhere.

Thats why we have records of satisfied customers, because Cemat lead when it comes to accountability.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

To remain a committed corporate company in building and civil engineering works, installation and supply of Architectural products consistently delivering quality projects on schedule and budget using the best available cost effective and environment friendly technology under the control of experienced and highly motivated work force and to forge ahead rendering unblemished services to individuals, corporate organizations and various level of government

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